Dean Bowyer


A large, heavyset boy fresh out of high school, Dean Bowyer has a decidedly shady look about him.  He never appears to shave, and a vaguely unpleasant odor follows him wherever he goes; his dark hair has a shiny, unwashed look to it.  The freshthing often wears t-shirts with cats on them – he claims the cat is his power animal, which gives him strength and wisdom – though, again, the cleanliness of his clothes can be an issue. 


There are conflicting stories regarding the history of Dean.  He has made a variety of claims, none of which have been proven true or positively false.

Some of his claims:

1)  His father is a Dean at IOU.
2)  He won a medal in "the War" for marksmanship.  (He never specifies which war.)
3)  Dean's brother is a stock broker, who is paying his way through university.
4)  He was forged in the fires of Mount Doom.

Dean Bowyer

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